Hello, and welcome to The Burning Question! What is The Burning Question (TBQ)? You’ve guessed it, this is a newsletter. Another newsletter?! Yes, but also, no. This isn’t going to be just an outbound stream of biochar-related information. Our hope is to build a place for the…
Part 1: Carbon At risk of rehashing past articles: we have lots of evidence that people want to make biochar at scale, but not very much that people…
If you’ve read my newsletter, you know that I believe biochar has baggage and promise in equal measure. What follows here is more an intellectual…
Biochar and the elusive economics of field application
Part IV: Why isn't biochar big?
Why biochar isn't big: Part III
Last week I asked the question, Why isn’t biochar big? I hypothesized about how biochar’s foundational story divides the field into promoters and…
A hypothesis, in four parts.
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